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 H2O Hackathon 2015 – Winners Announced

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Stockton, CA – An engaged crowd of young geniuses took on California’s Drought at the “H2O Hackathon – A Water Challenge” held on Friday, October 9, 2015.

The H20 Hackathon brought together a creative community of programmers and problem-solvers to address California statewide drought problems. This event sought to stimulate innovations in water technology and policies that will help solve water management challenges in both the urban and agricultural sectors through new applications and systems. Representatives from Google, IBM and other leading technology organizations attended the event. All the teams were comprised of local students and professionals including University of the Pacific alum.

Cash prizes were awarded to the winning solutions, selected by an expert panel of judges which included:

Mark Dixon, IBM Smarter Cities & Safer Planet

Pam Eibeck, President, University of the Pacific
Brent Holtz, University of California, Davis
Margot Jacobs  Senior Associate, Mia Lehrer and Associates

Claire Latane, Senior Associate, Mia Lehrer and Associates

Jeff Shields, South San Joaquin Irrigation Districts


The Winners of the H2O Hackathon 2015 are:


The Cal Water Golden Spigot Award of $3,000 for best technical solution was presented to a team of young hackers ranging from 10 to 16 year-olds who had attended the IBM/Bluemix Learnathon.

The team “Sprinkles, Inc.” included:
Sher Gil

Jefferson Leiva

Richard Maes

Luis Moreno

Citlalli Sanchez

Alberto Valencia

Andres Vivano


Most Awesome Hack Award for $2,500 went to the “Pipe Dream” team:
Kristine Gali

Paul Sukhanov
Minh Tran


Most Creative Hack Award for $2,500:  went to the “Shower Power” team:
Elizabeth Diaz

Robin Shum

Walter Sorenson

Gabriel Marrujo


Most Thoughtful Hack Award for $500 (created by Judges at the Hackathon) was awarded to:

Allen Ries-Knight


Every participant also received a swag bag valued at $50 for attending and working on the hackathon.

“The answers to our water management challenges are out there and what better place to work on it than in the Delta. This is a statewide effort and drawing from water hackathons in LA we are excited to see the solutions for the 21st century,” said Conner Everts of the Environmental Water Caucus.

University of the Pacific President Pamela Eibeck said, “As California struggles with this historic drought, it is important that educational institutions in the State do their part in preparing students – our future leaders – to be part of the water solution. The H20 Hackathon was an extraordinary opportunity in rethinking how we use water in California.”

“We are very excited about the new partnership between iHub San Joaquin, UOP and Delta College. Their sponsorship of the H20 Hackathon helps to expand awareness of the Hackathon at our college campuses and we anticipate will assist in recruiting a larger student constituency to participate,” said David Nelson, Chairman, iHub San Joaquin.

“We are thrilled that some of the hacks most needed in this era of drought will come from Stockton, in the San Francisco Bay-Delta, the largest estuary on the West Coast of the Americas, a special place worth protecting,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of Restore the Delta, a hackathon co-sponsor.

The H20 Hackathon – A Water Challenge was conceived by the San Joaquin iHub, San Joaquin County entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials, and environmental leaders who saw a need for the development of new water technology in order to contend with the impacts of severe drought.

Full details about the event here www.H2Ohackathon.org


Brian P Smith Public Relations
Oakland, CA

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