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University of the Pacific and Delta College Join iHub San Joaquin in Sponsoring the Inaugural H20 Hackathon – A Water Challenge

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Board of Supervisors
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University of the Pacific and Delta College Join iHub San Joaquin in Sponsoring the Inaugural H20 Hackathon – A Water Challenge
Event to Spur Innovative Drought Solutions

(STOCKTON, CA) – Today, iHub San Joaquin announced their formal partnership with the University of the Pacific (UOP) and San Joaquin Delta College in sponsoring the first “H2O Hackathon – A Water Challenge”.

“We are very excited about the new partnership between iHub San Joaquin, UOP and Delta College. Their sponsorship of the H20 Hackathon helps to expand awareness of the Hackathon at our college campuses and we anticipate will assist in recruiting a larger student constituency to participate,” said David Nelson, Chairman, iHub San Joaquin.

The H20 Hackathon is an event in which a creative community of programmers and problem-solvers come together and make amazing projects to help solve California statewide drought problems. The free event, which will be held on October 9, 2015 in Stockton, aims to stimulate innovations in water technology and policies that will help solve water management challenges in both the urban and agricultural sectors through new applications and systems. Representatives from Google, IBM and other leading technology organizations will also be attending the event.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winning solutions, selected by an expert panel of judges. The Golden Spigot Cash Prize will be awarded to the best technical solution. Additionally, top cash awards of $2,500, $1,500, and $1,000 will also be awarded to the best solutions across all categories. Every participant will receive a swag bag valued at $50.

Remarking on UOP’s sponsorship of the H20 Hackathon, President Pamela Eibeck referred to the University’s own water conservation efforts and expressed the need for innovative solutions, “As California struggles with this historic drought, it is important that educational institutions in the State do their part in preparing students – our future leaders – to be part of the water solution. The H20 Hackathon is an extraordinary opportunity in rethinking how we use water in California, and I am eager to hear unique ideas from students on how to accomplish that goal.”

UOP and Delta College offer rigorous training programs to students interested in studying urban and agricultural water use and expect to see a number of valuable outcomes as a result of the event. “California’s severe drought conditions require special emphasis on resourceful use of water by local governments, water agencies, agriculture, and residents. The H20 Hackathon will be a prime venue for all students to showcase their skills to create efficient water use applications and technologies. We are pleased to be involved in such an important endeavor,” said Delta College President Kathy Hart, PhD.

The H20 Hackathon – A Water Challenge was conceived by the San Joaquin iHub, San Joaquin County entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials, and environmental leaders who saw a need for the development of new water technology in order to contend with the impacts of severe drought. The event will bring together start-ups, programmers, engineers, undergraduate and graduate students in related disciplines, farmers, urban water agency officials, business leaders, government officials, and environmentalists to solve on-the-ground challenges for using water in urban and agricultural applications as efficiently as possible.

Kathy Miller, Chair of the Board of Supervisors and a member of the team organizing the hackathon, remarked on the significance of the event, “The H20 Hackathon could be a real game-changer not only for the future of drought in the State, but also for the participating students who could constructively affect the way California handles statewide drought conditions. We are anticipating some truly ground-breaking results.”

The H2O Hackathon will be held October 9, 2015 at the Robert J. Cabral Ag Center – 2101 Earhart Ave., Stockton, CA.

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